5 Key Employment Issues: Why Don’t Public Officials Pay Attention?

During the course of nearly every significant election campaign, politicians speak about the need for addressing employment, creating better jobs, and focusing on enhancing the economy, in a way, which best serves the needs, concerns and priorities, of their constituents. Unfortunately, however, we often notice, these discussions end up being merely empty rhetoric, and unfulfilled promises, because, many politicians, focus far more on politics, and popularity, rather than transforming to being a statesman, who considers viable approaches, which might actually make a significant difference, for the better! Therefore, this article will attempt to briefly examine and discuss, 5 key employment issues, which need to be addressed, but, too often, are not.1. Unemployment: How we define unemployment, often understates, its total picture and numbers! Factors, such as seasonable issues, layoffs, retail store closures, etc, are often over – simplified, when they become transformed into mere data! This number does not include individuals, who are no longer receiving unemployment insurance, either because these benefits have expired, and/ or they needed to take either part – time jobs, or accept lesser positions! Until/ unless, the focus becomes, job creation, our elected officials are not performing their duties!

2. Quality of employment: How can we expect improvements, unless they, first, recognize, replacing a higher – paid position, with a lower one, is the definition, of under – employment? Unless employment figures (or unemployment/ joblessness) is considered, in combination with wage growth, it doesn;t show the true, relevant picture. Employment, without improving wage/ income levels, does little, to positively, encourage our citizens!3. Wages/ wage growth: While our official, unemployment/ joblessness, rate, has certainly been reduced, it has not been accompanied, with any significant growth in earning power. Unless workers earn more, businesses suffer, because, how might they afford to shop, and spend more money? This country needs a combination of true employment, as well as relevant, wage growth!4. Job security: When employed individuals are constantly concerned, or worried about job security, they will be unwilling to spend, at a more significant pace and manner! This means, we must pay attention, to developing industries, which have the best chance of flourishing, and growing, significantly, in the upcoming years!

5. Benefits: As we have witnessed this year, in the prolonged discussions and proposals, regarding health care/ insurance, politicians seem to be paying far less attention, to the true needs, necessities and priorities, of citizens, and more about, politics and populism! There should be an emphasis on ensuring people, not only had quality, secure, decent paying jobs, but also benefits, which addressed providing security, they will be capable of handling eventualities, illnesses, etc!Why do we continue to elect people, who are either unwilling, or unable, to think – outside – the – box, and focus on viable solutions, and ideas, to maximize quality employment opportunities and conditions? Wake up, America!